Telecommunication & Information Technology

MobiTel (, formerly a joint venture between The Royal Group and Millicom International Cellular, is now wholly owned by The Royal Group following an acquisition in November 2009. The provider of choice in Cambodia since 1997, the company has enjoyed market shares exceeding 67% for over 8 years. Operating 3.5G in the major urban centers and EDGE nationwide, MobiTel has driven the telecommunication industry in the country with over 85% of all cities, towns and villages covered.

Royal Telecam International is the second licenced international gateway in the Kingdom, carrying the majority of all international voice traffic. RTI was also a joint venture with Millicom, and is now wholly owned by the Royal Group.

TeleSURF ( is Cambodia's first broadband service with a coverage that extends to all the country's major cities. Utilizing wireless broadband technology, TeleSURF provides 24-hour Internet connectivity and high-speed two-way data transmission that allows users to surf the web more efficiently and effectively.

Ezecom ( Cambodia’s premium Internet provider has since its incorporation made investments in Cambodia’s infrastructure that have resulted in a country wide state of art fibre optic network. In 2011 EZECOM acquired Telcotech - the only Cambodian member of the AAG cable, so moving into the wholesale market. Ezecom’s international gateways and extensive business communication solutions have made EZECOM the premium choice for Cambodia.

NETi Solutions provides I.T. software and business consulting services to a commanding clientele in the Asian region.