Message from the Vice Chairman

A commitment to quality and partnerships built on trust has been the foundation of The Royal Group, from modest beginnings as a trading company to being the premier business conglomerate it is today.

Recognizing opportunities and realizing them are strengths to which we credit our ability to tap into the right industries at the right time. Not always being first to market but always being best to market has ensured our position as the leading investment holding company in the country.

With a focus on transparency and good governance, we have secured and maintained partnerships with some of the leading global players in their industries. Through their expertise and entrepreneurship, combined with our local support, the success of the business has exceeded all expectations.

Our philosophy at The Royal Group is one of combining the best of global with the best of local. Our partners bring with them the skills and experience to establish and grow their businesses successfully. We provide the space and freedom for them to perform to their optimum.

We are further committed to good citizenship, community-building, and developing the country economically. Appreciating that we have the capacity to help society, The Royal Group plays an important role in supporting communities at the ground level, both directly and through our operating companies.

The Royal Group will continue to undergo changes as we progress to our third decade of development and growth. Through these times, our values will always be central to everything we do. Being true to these values has led us to where we are and will keep holding us in good stead as we move together with our partners and Cambodia into a successful future.

Oknha Kith Thieng
Vice Chairman & Managing Director